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Shree Meena Girls Hostel, Jhalawar Road, Kota

Shree Meena Hostel, Chhatrapura, Kota

Shree Meena Hostel, Dausa

Hostel in Kota

Shree Meena Girls Hostel
(In Front of Aerodrame, Jhalawar Road, Kota)

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Hostel at a glance: -
Kota city is famous all over India for technical education & training, where many institutions are working to provide coaching for admission in IIT, AIEEE, CPMT, PMT & other technical institutions. Many boys & girls students from all over India getting admission in various institutions after coaching at Kota. Some famous coaching centers at Kota are Bansal Classes, Daswani Classes, Allen Institute, Resonance, Career Point, Vision Kota etc. Intelligent Girls candidates fail in getting admission in these institutions due to financial reasons or due to safety causes, so that every year many seats remain unfilled in technical institutions against reserve quota. Keeping all above situations in mind Shri Meena Samaj has provided the facilities for safe and better residence in minimum expenses by constructing a girls hostel of 108 rooms at Kota.

Location: -
Shri Meena Girls Hostel is situated on N.H. 12 Jhalawar Road in front of Airport. From here facilities are available for all major parts of city and institutions. All main institutions are at a distance of only 2-3 Kms. from here. Auto-Riksha and Tempo are always available from here for Railway Station & Bus Stand.

Management: -

  1. Hostel will be managed by a committee which will be elected by permanent members of organization.

  2. A hostel warden is appointed to manage & control the hostel. Committee may appoint one or more assistants to help the warden.

  3. For general administration of hostel, one or more committee may be appointed, that may help in running of hostel, to form rules & regulations for admission etc.

Hostel Fee: -

  1. One Time Fee –
    a. Admission Form Fee Rs. 100 /-
    b. Admission Fee Rs. 1000 /-
    c. Development Fee Rs. 1000 /-
    d. Furniture Fee Rs. 250 /-
    e. Library Fee Rs. 250 /-
    f. Games Fee Rs. 100 /-
    TotalRs. 2700 /-

  2. Monthly fee –
    a. Rent of room per student Rs. 700 /-
    b. Electricity Charges Rs. 250 /-
    c. Water Charges Rs. 50 /-
    TotalRs. 1000 /-

  3. Mess Charges – As per the price decided by Contractor, Mess Charges should be paid in advance to contractor every month.

Thus at the time of admission each student has to deposit Rs. 5700 /- in advance (Rs. 2700 /- one time charges, 1000 /- Monthly charges & Rs. 2000 /- Advance Deposit.)

At the time of admission, monthly charges are taken for only one month, so after one month, monthly charges for every months should be deposited before 10 of month, after that Rs. 10/per day penalty willl be charged.

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